- Creativity

- Self Expression

- Originality

Create Not Conform

How Are We Different?

We are almost 90% process based.

What Does This Mean?

➤ Children decide how and what they do.

➤ Receive basic instruction.

➤ Are urged to explore.

➤ Creativity flows through.

No right and wrong in art.

Why Are We Different?

➤ We want to change how we impart art skills to children.

➤ Starting from their formative age 1 - 8.

➤ We hire artist/teachers who are passionate about this field.

UNICEF states that the early childhood years from birth through age 8 are formative

in terms of intelligence, personality and social behaviour.

The first two years are particularly crucial.

How Can You Make A Difference?

Expose your children to MIArts and see their overall progress.

Benefits To Your School?

➤ We provide trained teachers.

➤ The curriculum/lesson plans.

➤ We conduct the class, with help from your existing teachers.

➤ Profit share with you.

➤ We bring Art to the children - saving parents time.