MIArts - Multiple Intelligence Art

An ART program, which incorporates Multiple Intelligence based learning style.

MIArts Philosophy

The Gardner Theory (A Psychologist and Professor of Neuroscience at Harvard.)

➤ All Children have unique learning style.

➤ Students gain strong benefits when teachers and learning coaches recognize their strength and weakness as learners.

➤ He developed the Multiple Intelligence Theory in 1983

He defines “Intelligence” not as an IQ but rather as the skill that enable anyone to gain new knowledge and solve problems.



MIArts is an Art enrichment program, incorporating Multiple Intelligence based learning style, focusing on Creativity, Self-Expression & Originality. "Create not Conform" MIArts should be an integral part of every early childhood program. This is because we are using the Multiple Intelligence based learning style. In general, Art experiences in preschool not only contribute to children's artistic and creative development but also to a wide range of skills in other areas, including language, cognitive, perceptual, and social skills. Therefore in our MIArts sessions, we endeavor to introduce as many combinations of art elements into our playful learning and explorative art sessions. Children will be exposed to different painting medias e.g color pencils, crayons, tempura paints, acrylic, watercolor etc. Using different tools e.g various types of papers, thread, leaves, fruits, vegetable, recyclables, literally all things they can get a hold of, to create shapes, textures, layers, compositions, etc. Taking an explorative mode through the 3 years of their lives in our MIArts Enrichment Program, should give them a platform to create, without inhibition, throughout their lives, as we are helping them set this foundation in its rightful place.

What is Multiple Intelligence?